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Who we are.

As we progress into the future cars are becoming more affordable and on the other hand the users of these cars are becoming busier in their daily tasks. As a result cars are not serviced timeously and ultimately this leads to breakdowns when we least expect them.

At Dial-a-mech we have come up with a platform that enables you to find a trustworthy mechanic close to where you are. Our mechanics are monitored and their competence is measured with our standards to ensure you get the best service in the area you are.


Steps to get a mechanic to attend to you

Getting a mechanic to you is easy as counting your 123’s. Not only is it easy but you will have the mechanic at your desired location before you finishing counting to 3!

1.Click the Link to get a mechanic

Search for the location or service you are looking for.

2.Choose your desired mechanic

After searching a list of results will come up where you can choose your preferred mechanic. Feel free to read up on their profile and ratings to ensure it is the best mechanic you want.


After choosing your desired mechanic you can either give them a direct call or contact them via the website(recommended) and arrange on where, when and what it is that you need assistance with.

And You Are Done

If you called the mechanic then you have probably arranged everything. If you messaged them via our platform you can wait for your response. Alternatively you can email us or call us and we will organise the mechanic that is best suited for your task and close to you.